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Particulars of Applicant/Organiser


  • Submission of this rental application form does not guarantee that the booking is confirmed.

  • KACCMC has up to 21 calendar days to review all booking forms received. The confirmation of venue booking will only be valid with KACCMC’s acknowledgement on the last page of this application form.

  • Please read below the Terms and Conditions for rental of Kreta Ayer People's Theatre (KAPT)

Thanks for submitting!

Details of Performance/Event

Requested Hiring Date(s) and Time of Event

I/We, the Applicant/Organizer, agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1.  The theatre shall be used for Event(s) relating to community, social, recreational, or commercial purpose activities and is subject to approval by the Kreta Ayer CCMC only. Religious and political activities are strictly prohibited within the premises of KAPT.

  2.  Booking(s) will only be confirmed upon payment of security deposit to “Kreta Ayer CCMC” within two weeks   from the date of quotation. The 100% rental payment shall be paid at least 30 calendar days prior to the date of   Event(s). Failing which, Kreta Ayer CCMC reserves the right to forfeit the deposit and cancel the booking.

  3.  Kreta Ayer CCMC reserves the right to forfeit the full rental payment for any cancellation made within 30   calendar days before the first day of Event (includes Set-up/ Rehearsal/ Actual Show).

  4.  The Organiser shall procure the Public Liability Insurance to licensed area with the minimum coverage value of S$1,000,000 for the Theatre or such other amounts as may from time to time be specified by the Kreta Ayer CCMC.

  5. Kreta Ayer CCMC shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss of property, injury or death within the booking period. The Organiser will bear full responsibility in the event of an accident or mishap.

  6. Kreta Ayer CCMC, including its parent organisation and its employees therein, shall be indemnified at all times against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, losses (including consequential losses), costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) of any nature suffered or incurred as a result of: (a) the use or occupation of KAPT (or any part of it) by me/us or my/our employees, independent contractors, agents, guests, invitees or any other party; or (b) my/our breach or non-performance of any of these terms and conditions or breach or alleged breach of any copyright or intellectual property rights infringement arising out of any breach or alleged breach by me/us of the warranties provided by me/us.

  7. All relevant governmental and regulatory licenses, approvals and consents that are required for the Event(s) will be obtained and maintained for the duration of the Event(s), including but not limited to, the Public Entertainment license, COMPASS License, the Temporary Video Business license and/or the necessary licenses to sell goods or services at the Event(s).

  8. No food and drinks are allowed to be consumed inside the theatre. Kreta Ayer CCMC has the full rights to request the audience to leave the theatre to finish his/her food or drinks before allowing them to re-enter the theatre.

  9. There will be no sale of any products during the Event(s) without the written approval from the Kreta Ayer CCMC and/or relevant authorities and any violation may result in the cancellation of the booking.

  10. Kreta Ayer CCMC reserves the right to occupy fifteen (15) seats (numbered BB11 to BB21) for each date of the booking. The request, if any, will be made at least fourteen (14) days before the first day of the booking

  11. Parking space is not included in the venue booking.

  12.  All posters, decorations, banners and equipment used during the Event(s) shall be removed from the premises of the theatre immediately after the Event(s).

  13. Smoking or any use of fire is strictly prohibited within the premises of the theatre. In the event where they are necessary for the integral purpose of the Event(s), prior approval in writing must be granted by the relevant authorities and Kreta Ayer CCMC. Precautionary measures must be undertaken to protect the premises of theatre against the hazards of fire and combustion.

  14. There shall be no damage or alterations made to the flooring, walls, structures, fittings and fixtures or any part of KAPT by me/us or my/our employees, independent contractors, agents, guests, invitees or any other party. I/We will bear the costs of reinstatement or repair (as the case may be) of any such damage or alterations in the event the same occurs.

  15. If any of these terms and conditions are breached, or the Kreta Ayer CCMC receives complaint concerning me/us from any governmental or regulatory authorities or from the general public, the Kreta Ayer CCMC reserves the right to immediately cancel the booking and/or the Event(s). In the event of such cancellation, the Kreta Ayer CCMC will not refund any payment(s) which have already been made.

  16. In the event of any misconduct or unacceptable behavior by any of the artistes or the audience during the Event(s), the Kreta Ayer CCMC reserves the right to stop the show/performance at any time.

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