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Particulars of Applicant/Organiser


Details of Performance/Event

Requested Hiring Date(s) and Time of Event


  1. The Total Rental Charge stated are nett. The Kreta Ayer Community Club Management Committee (KACCMC) reserves the right to amend the Total Rental Charge without prior notice.

  2. All cheques for the Total Rental Charge are to be made payable to “Kreta Ayer CCMC”.

  3. The Total Rental Charge includes air-conditioning, in-house lighting engineer, in-house sound system engineer, technician support and use of all dressing rooms.

  4. KAPT shall be used for Event(s) relating to community, social, recreational or commercial purpose activities and is subject to approval by the KACCMC only.

  5. Religious and Political activities are strictly prohibited within the premises of KAPT.

  6. Dismantling and removal of all props and equipment brought in by organisers must be completed by 11 pm. An additional charge of $900.00 /hr for a non-profit organisation, $1,200.00/ hour for profit organisation and $1,000.00/hour for schools / MOE registered institution will be incurred should the organiser exceeds the stipulated timing.

  7. ​Submission of the booking form does not guarantee the date and time stated is confirmed. KACCMC has up to 21 calendar days to review all booking forms received. The confirmation of venue booking will only be valid with KACCMC’s acknowledgement on the last page of this booking form.